Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear reader...

Planning to do the John Muir Trail? Here's a "Day by Day" of our 30 day trek. Names have been changed to deceive the innocent. At the top of each entry some shorthand notes appear in orange which we wrote BEFORE the trip so these notes often don't match our actual daily progress which is accurately told in our Day-by-Day descriptions as well as in the .KMZ file (see below.)

Similar to the orange notes, our Google Earth screenshots include yellow push pins with dates (Aug 31, Sep 1, ...). These represent our intended daily progress while actual progress is labelled "Camp 2, Camp 3, ...."
If you see red lines shooting across the GPS landscape, that's a result of the unit being turned off to conserve battery power (unnecessary, since our Lithium AA batteries lasted far longer than anticipated.)

Better than screenshots, why not download our waypoints, tracks, verified late-season H20 sources, and campsite recommendations as a .KMZ file that can be opened in GoogleEarth, Garmin Mapsource, or really any GPS app. Edit them to your liking and upload to your own GPS device. Note: On the trail, we marked only campsites and springs not already apparent on Garmin 24k National Parks Topo Map or Tom Harrison paper maps.

In our planning, we drew from many quality source materials including:

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    Just reading your journal - a great read and very useful information, not to mention making me very excited about our upcoming hike. thanks.