Your Backpacker's Pantry

We didn't like the dehydrated meals sold at stores so we made our own. I spent some time dehydrating our own food to use in recipes that I made up based on several books. For the first few meals I prepared I counted out the calories to make sure we were getting enough energy per meal. A couple good books I used were: Backcountry Cooking by Dorcas S. Miller, Simple Foods for the Pack by Claudia Axcell, Vikki Kinmont Kath & Diana Cooke, The Burmese Kitchen by By Copeland Marks & Aung Thein (not a backpacking cookbook but this is the book that taught me how to make garlic chips, and if I recall has other "pack-friendly" recipes).

In the end, our backpackers pantry looked something like this:

Dehydrated veggies (home made):
Beet greens
Green Beans
Sun dried tomatoes (from italian market)

Dehydrated fruits (home made):
Blueberries (did not work that great)
Raspberries (did not work that great)

Condiments & Spices:
Burmese Shrimp Paste (we've been buying it from Burmese Kitchen Restaurant in SF)
fried garlic chips
salt & pepper
chile powder
mayo packets
mustard packets
lemon powder packets
Indian curry spice mixes (from grocery)
powdered coconut cream

Bulk foods purchased online & grocery store:
We quickly got sick of the cardboardy texture and flavor of the chicken & beef cubes. I would not use them again. It makes me sick just thinking about them.
freeze-dried Chicken cubes (BARF)
freeze-dried Beef cubes (BARF)
freeze-dried grated cheddar cheese
freeze-dried lentils
black bean flakes
pinto bean flakes
hard salami links

Nuts & Seeds
Sunflower seeds
Sesame seeds
Chia seeds
Peanut Butter
Almond Butter
Sunflower seed butter

Cereals & Grains
Instant Polenta
instant pasta
instant potato
instant rice

From the Japanese Market
instant miso soup packets (the miso brands found at the Japanese market are soooo much better than those found at other grocery stores)
dried mushrooms, shitake, oyster
wasabi powder
dried seaweed
ramen noodles
curry flavoring cubes

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